The brazing process has been used to join metal parts for
over 3000 years. Whilst there have been many developments
in products and manufacturing processes available, the basic
principle remains unchanged. In contrast to welding, where the
joining process involves melting the base material and therefore
changing the structure, brazing takes place below the melting
temperature of the parent metal and uses capillary attraction
and/or fusion to produce the finished result. If used correctly,
the process allows very strong joints to be obtained without
introducing undesirable stresses, strains and metal dilution.

Eutectic & Castolin brazing consumables have been
developed over many years to combine the very best in product
performance, economy and ease of use. Used in combination
with the corresponding Castolin Eutectic flux, in either paste or
powder form, wherever appropriate, these materials allow both
rapid and cost-effective production techniques to be employed.

With an extensive product range available, from soft solders
through silver soldering to bronze brazing, we can offer
solutions to many joining problems beyond the scope of other
joining materials.

Using the technology of brazing, along with the application of
carefully selected grades of tungsten carbide, a range of hard
facing products is also available to extend the wear life of
components without the distortion often associated with other
hard facing techniques. Similarly, the combination of a brazing
matrix and cutting action carbide grades up to 6.0mm, enables
the very cost-effective construction of complex and/or large
cutting drills and bits.

Our range covers:

  • Brazing Alloys
  • Soft Solder
  • Silver Brazing Alloys
  • Fluxes
  • Pastes
  • Foils

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